Our Stories

Loving ourselves through the process of owning our story, is the bravest thing we will ever do.

– Brene Brown

Melissa’s Story

At the end of December 2016, I escaped a 37-year-long, extremely abusive relationship. I had to relocate from a remote […]

Amita’s Story

I came to Australia 23 years ago as a refugee on a boat. I built my life from nothing to […]

Alyssa’s Story

The value of education and the importance of regaining a sense of personal power and autonomy I grew up living […]

Rachel’s Story

‘How did this happen?’A Young, Neurodivergent, Religious, Cis-gendered, Woman’s Journey into Housing Insecurity and Homelessness– Rachel, Catherine House Client* Whether […]

Andrea’s Story

I was having mental health issues that declined a lot within my marriage, and I had a lot of issues […]

Sonya’s Story

It was a combination of experiences that lead to needing Catherine House. It probably started years ago, at the end […]

Tania's Story

Tania’s Story

I never would have imagined that within two years of walking through the doors of Catherine House, I would have […]

Susan's Story

Susan’s Story

I thought a homeless shelter was just one big room with lots of beds in it. I couldn’t believe that […]

Lyn's Story

Lyn’s Story

Last year I found myself homeless. I have a background of childhood trauma and domestic violence and was living in […]

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