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Susan’s Story

I thought a homeless shelter was just one big room with lots of beds in it. I couldn’t believe that there was such a homely environment. You have your own bedroom and community areas where you can come together with other women. I don’t really know what I expected but when I came to Catherine House I was amazed.

When I arrived, I just wanted to spend time in my room, and the staff were very respectful of that. They were absolutely fantastic. I felt safe and was never pressured to leave, instead I was able to take my time, to rest and to think where to from here.

The support services are incredible. There is no need to leave Catherine House which made me feel really protected and cared for.

My case worker helped me get an Intervention Order against my husband. She even came with me to the police station. She is beyond amazing and I know she is always there and just a call away whenever I need her. Without Catherine House, I might have gone back to my abusive husband, and there is a chance that if I did go back to him that I would have ended up killed.

For most of my life, I would walk with my head down when walking through the streets, but since being at Catherine House I’ve learnt how to become more confident. I’ve also realised my worth, and to know that I deserve more than the abuse I suffered. When I realised it, it only made me more determined to not go back, and to know I don’t have to be treated like that by anyone.

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