Winter Appeal

No one should be sleeping in their car every night, let alone South Australian women who are vulnerable and often experiencing trauma.

Sadly, recent statistics from the 2021 Census^ show that women make up the majority of people who are ‘newly homeless’. In fact, they make up 80.7% of the newly homeless.

Devastatingly, that means more women are becoming homeless and are forced to sleep in their car or on a friend’s couch.

Naoimi’s Story
Naomi* grew up in regional South Australia and had always struggled with her mental health, particularly in her late teens.
As many women do, she tried to “push” through doing all the things that were expected of her. She married, was employed, travelled and become a mum to her son in 2007.
But, after the breakdown of her 15 year marriage and feeling incredibly isolated in her country town, she decided to move to Adelaide. After an abrupt end to her tenancy in 2022, Naomi found herself homeless at 45 years of age.

“I first admitted I was homeless to my GP. I didn’t know what to do. I had been couch-surfing at friends’ houses and living in and out of my car for almost six months.’’

After seeing her doctor and a social worker, Naomi was referred to Catherine House and was put on the waitlist.

“I remember when I received the phone call to say there was a place for me at Catherine House. I felt a huge sense of relief and almost a little disbelief that my homeless troubles were coming to an end. I was grateful to have an opportunity to have somewhere safe to stay while I worked my life out. I remember feeling really overwhelmed with emotion.”

Our recovery-based model means we also support women in all aspects of their lives. This is the key to ending their homelessness – for good.

For Naomi, it started with enrolling in our ‘Live Your Best Life and Plan for Your Future’ course run at our Women’s Centre.

Naomi’s self-discovery led her to understanding her purpose and desire to help others.

I have now set myself a goal to become a social worker and am going to University to get my qualifications in social work.
I would like to help young girls who are experiencing homelessness. I’ve found my purpose and want to give back and help those who have also experienced what I have in life.”

As the cold and wet weather sets in this winter, we need your help to provide accommodation and support for women experiencing homelessness. Sleeping in a car is unbearable at any time, let alone in freezing temperatures.

To make a donation before 30th June, please use the Donate Now button.

^ Australian Bureau of Statistics – 2021 Census
* Name and image have been changed to protect privacy.

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