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catherine house community ambassador

Raising awareness about the work of Catherine House is just as important as raising funds. The Catherine House Ambassador Program commenced in 2019 as a way for our community to get involved, raise funds, awareness and volunteer for Catherine House. By becoming a Catherine House Community Ambassador you will be making a tangible difference to the many women who experience homelessness and receive support from Catherine House each year. Applications for our 2022 Community Ambassador program are now closed. Please contact

Take action. Make change. Become a Community Ambassador.

As a Catherine House Community Ambassador we ask that you:

  • Attend an information session at Catherine House
  • Create a Fundraising Page using our online platform Raisely
  • Hold a minimum of one fundraising activity or event benefiting Catherine House
  • Attend a minimum of one Catherine House Event
  • Complete one day of non-client facing volunteering – E.g. Sorting donations, working bees, Bunnings BBQ, administrative support tasks, volunteering at events

As a Catherine House Community Ambassador you will receive:

  • Catherine House T-Shirt
  • Use of the Catherine House Community Ambassador Logo
  • All marketing materials and fundraising support by our Catherine House Fundraising Team to ensure Ambassador success!
Kath House AM

Kath House AM

From the time I was young, I learned a valuable lesson that my feeling of personal well-being, came not from individual successes, material goods or money but from but connecting with others and participating in activities or work that benefitted someone other than myself.  I learned early that when you do good, you feel good, and this started me on a lifelong journey of supporting causes, and working with many outstanding organisations such as Catherine House.

I choose to support Catherine House, (not only because we share the same name!) but because I believe the work that the staff do here is truly transformative and life changing for women who are experiencing homelessness.  Catherine House seeks to find long term solutions to the problem of homelessness in our society, not merely providing a temporary shelter and food.

Through my involvement with Catherine House as a donor, supporter and a volunteer,  I have had the opportunity to meet amazing people from all walks of life while honing useful organisation skills in event management, fundraising, Board governance and public speaking. These perks of the job were never intended but certainly add to the helper’s high I receive for my service. 

I am proud to be an ambassador for Catherine House because I believe that by publicly declaring my support, I can multiply my own impact of giving, by drawing attention to causes and persuading others to be generous.  True philanthropy means not only supporting causes and giving money, but being a champion for the cause and speaking out in our society for those who are vulnerable and without a voice, such as the women who are experiencing homelessness that come to Catherine House, and in so doing, be a part of the change in society that we wish to see.

Kath House AM
Catherine House Ambassador