Catherine House provides supported accommodation services to women experiencing homelessness, who are 18 years and older, and unaccompanied by children in South Australia. Operating since 1988, we now have a team of 45 full, part time and casual workers and over 35 volunteers. Across the organisation, we accommodate 48 women on a nightly basis. We also provide a range of support services to help us better meet the needs of our clients.


Catherine House has extensive programs available to women needing accommodation and support services. There are three core areas within the organisation:

Emergency and Post Crisis Supported Accommodation
This program includes the Emergency Supported Accommodation Program and Post Crisis Services.


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Mental Health Programs
The programs are comprised of the Recovery Program and the Permanent Supported Accommodation Program.


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Catherine House Women’s Centre
provides a broad range of activities and education opportunities, including health and wellbeing, self-development, arts and craft activities, and educational and pre-employment courses. All activities are offered in a fun and safe social learning environment and are designed to offer encouragement while extending the participants’ confidence and skills.


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