Catherine House Women’s Centre

The Women’s Centre is a lovely space designed to provide opportunities for women to engage in various courses and activities. The Centre features a kitchen, offices, outdoor gardens and a large multi-purpose room. The positive environment that the Centre exudes encourages women to take healthy ‘risks’, try something new, build confidence and self-belief to move forward in life.

The Centre has received much recognition for its highly successful approach to helping women re-imagine and claim a better life for themselves and for their families, including being awarded the 2013 National Homelessness Services Achievement Award for ‘excellence in supporting pathways to employment or education’.


Courses and Activities


The Centre offers a range of varied activities and courses.

All activities are designed to enhance social interaction, enable friendships to be forged and create opportunities for the women staying at Catherine House.

Many of the activities provide therapeutic intervention, enabling Catherine House to deliver a holistic recovery oriented service model for women experiencing homelessness. Some of these activities include:


  • Self-awareness arts such as meditation and yoga
  • Art, including painting & mixed media
  • Crafts jewellery, quilting
  • Music
  • Bingo for social and light hearted fun.
  • There is easy access to well-structured and relevant educational courses, including a Uni SA Foundation course
  • The Kym Adey Scholarship
  • Programs focusing on skill development, including educational and job preparation courses. These courses lay down critical pathways into further education, jobs and volunteering opportunities


Current Women’s Centre Program