Education & Employment


Providing women with access to education and employment opportunities is crucial to expanding their options for the future, in terms of economic security, social and civic participation and creating meaning and purpose.

In 2017 the Women’s Centre was the recipient of the Adult Learning Program of the Year and finalists in both 2018 and 2019. Catherine House currently runs one program, ‘Live Your Best Life & Plan For Your Future.’

To support women to achieve satisfactory competency in the courses, engagement with an Education and Employment Officer is offered and provides individual and group mentoring.


After attending the Catherine House ‘Live Your Best Life’ course, I felt more confident and comfortable holding conversations within a social environment.

I also am more active in my work and social environment now and I am continuously learning how to improve my health and well-being.

Catherine House client

Anonymous Client

In 2017, I took part in “My Time, My Life, My Future” and as a result, I decided to study Beauty Therapy at Tafe SA. Not long after I started the course, Catherine House put me forward for a full scholarship to study at the Hyde Park College Of Skin and Body Therapy.

To my absolute surprise I received this scholarship and have now obtained an International Diploma of Skin and Beauty Therapy. 

Slawka – Catherine House client

Kym Adey and family with Education & Employment Officer

Kym Adey Scholarship Program

The Kym Adey Catherine House – University of South Australia (UniSA) Scholarship has been established to support women from Catherine House to undertake further education at UniSA or UniSA College. Emeritus Professor Kym Adey had a long and distinguished career in higher education and was a former Pro Vice Chancellor and Vice President at UniSA.

Professor Adey and his family created the Kym Adey Catherine House UniSA Scholarship in 2011. He showed great generosity, leadership and vision for what could be possible when women are supported and encouraged to extend their idea of what might be possible for their lives, if barriers like finances are removed.

He often spoke of how inspired he was by the clients Catherine House supports and we are very grateful he felt moved enough to create the Scholarship Fund.

Sadly in 2018, Emeritus Professor Kym Adey passed away.

We are also thankful his daughters Zoe and Skye work hard to ensure the scholarships will continue.

We believe Professor Adey would be proud of the six scholarship recipients and the wonderful impact the assistance has realised. Each recipient is an inspiration and confirms his aspirations for these scholarships. 

We also acknowledge the UniSA staff that support the many administrative functions of the scholarship.

Lyn Sarah Education Fund

Lyn Sarah Education Fund 

The Lyn Sarah Education Fund (LSEF) is available to Catherine House clients and is designed to fund, or partially fund, the cost of items or opportunities of an educational or self-development nature.

This fund was established in  2019 to recognise the work of Catherine House in creating opportunities for women, and to honour an amazing woman who was passionate about assisting those in the community who needed support, comfort and guidance at a time of need.

Lyn Sarah was a gifted, compassionate, committed servant of others. She shared her inherent ability to respond to peoples’ needs wherever she was. Whether in her home, local community, amongst her friends and family, or in her work context, she was an encourager, comforter and guide in the innumerable challenging life situations of others. She was a true social worker. She undertook these roles in her 20 years of service on the staff of Trinity Church, Adelaide as she involved herself in various tasks.

Lyn always made herself available to individuals who needed a listening ear, a comforter, a wise helper. Whether people who were grieving, chronically sick, desperately unhappy because of life’s circumstances or needed wisdom about the way ahead, Lyn was ready to respond. She had a great love for others and a wonderful ability to speak just the right words into people’s lives.

She was mother, sister, mentor, a dear and faithful friend to many. She laughed and cried with them. She never judged but listened, accepted people for who they were, forgave readily and just kept on loving and helping people to find the way forward.  She gave herself unstintingly to others.

Lyn passed away in 2007 at the early age of 62 years. She was fun, funny, broad-minded, erudite and warm. This Education Fund gives her family another way for her memory to live on.


MumKIND Education Fund 

In November 2020 the MumKIND Education Fund was established for the benefit of all Catherine House clients. This important commitment is designed to fund – or partially fund the cost of items or opportunities of an educational or self-development nature which may include the purchase of textbooks, tools or other equipment that assist in the completion of a degree or short course.

Access to these funds requires an application and subsequent approval process by the Catherine House team, and a report is be provided to MumKIND offering them insights to how and when the funds are used. This information provides them with valuable information to assess the value of the Fund, the demand for these funds and will ensure that this is sustained for the long term.

MumKIND is a South Australian charity who work collaboratively and thoughtfully to positively impact the lives of as many women, girls and children across South Australia who have faced, or are facing adversity – be it homelessness, domestic violence, food insecurity or poverty.

To do this, they collaborate. They have formed partnerships with social service agencies and nfp groups across South Australia. They don’t replicate the work of these important agencies, but rather, they work closely with them to add value in a myriad of ways – be it through financial donations or provision or necessary physical items.

Catherine House has proudly collaborated with MumKIND numerous times and we’re endlessly grateful to work with the MumKIND team and their extended network.