Catherine House Women’s Centre

catherine house women's centre

The Catherine House Women’s Centre was established in 2006 to provide a safe place where women can learn, find friendships and engage in activities that support their health, well being, confidence and overall recovery.

Since its opening, there have been more than 40,000 attendances, and an average of 700 activities delivered every year.

The centre features a kitchen, offices, outdoor gardens and a large multi-purpose room.

The Catherine House Women’s Centre creates a positive environment that  encourages women to take healthy ‘risks’, try something new, extend their vision of what is possible for them, to build their confidence and self-belief.

Some of the activities include:

Self-awareness activities such as meditation and yoga

Art, including painting and mindfullness drawing

Crafts, sewing and jewellery making

Physical fitness including low impact stretching classes and box-fit

Easy access to well-structured and relevant educational courses, including Uni SA Foundation Studies Course

Computer and IT Skills

Music, including drama and ukelele playing


The discovery of the Women’s Centre for me had the transition to a real sense of belonging there is such an advantageous and pertinent part of my new direction and identity.  The Women’s Centre is a safe and familiar place for me, almost like a second home – it gives me a place to go when the lonely birds are laying heavy stones in my head.

The centre has been able to fill my gaps of isolation as part of my journey. I often say “Catherine House provided a roof over my head but the Women’s Centre provided a roof over my loneliness”

Kylie – Women’s Centre Client


The Women’s Centre is my safe place. It is warm, friendly and a welcoming environment. I feel this every time I walk through the door.

On days when I am feeling a bit down, lonely or isolated it is comforting to know that there is a safe and familiar place for me to go; even if its just for a coffee and a chat.

Emma – Women’s Centre Client

Client sketching
Women's Centre Socialising
Anonymous Client

It’s hard to describe what a special and unique place the Women’s Centre, but you can feel it the moment you walk through the door. There is a certain energy created by the thousands of women, from all walks of life, who have used the space to rebuild their lives.

Women who have lost everything are given the time and space to build confidence, see their potential and look to the future.

Tess – Women’s Centre Client

Anonymous Client

When your life turns upside down and you lose your sense of living and your self-confidence, you begin to isolate form the world and the people around you.

Day after day, all your fears and anxiety separate for the from the normal life and make you feel incredible down.  

I remember thinking I wasn’t very keen on participating in activities but I felt I would give it a go to at least try and take my brain away from the constant thinking about what had happened in my life. Through many of the activities you can, even just for a moment, forget about the trauma you have experienced. You get to meet new people and suddenly you start to smile again. 

Slawka – Women’s Centre Client

Client painting
Music Group