Catherine House School Fundraising and Education Program



The Catherine House Fundraising and Education Program is a Toolkit will provides primary and secondary schools with ideas to educate students and raise awareness of how homelessness affects our community.



The toolkit will also provide teachers with fun ideas and suggestions as to how their school can support the work of  Catherine House.


The aim of these activities is to allow students to develop empathy for women experiencing homelessness.

These activities are designed to facilitate reflection, and for students to understand that homelessness is real; every woman who experiences homelessness has a story, and each of them are individuals experiencing crisis in their lives.



Key Dates



There are some perfect times in the school year when you can use this Fundraising & Education Toolkit, for you to consider in your term planning, in relation to national awareness campaigns or dates:



8 March:

International Women’s Day



2 – 8 August:
Homelessness Week



5 – 9 October:

Mental Health Awareness Week



11 – 17 October:

Anti-Poverty Week



22 November:

White Ribbon Day



25 November:

St Catherine Day


Or you can choose to coordinate this at a time that suits your term planning.


For more information or to order the Catherine House Fundraising and Education Tool Kit please contact Alex at or 08 8232 2282.