Our Culture

At Catherine House, we truly believe that each and every woman is a woman of potential, with capacity and capability, and the right to the choices that lead to a dignified life.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be an exemplar of integrated services that transform the lives of women experiencing homelessness.

Our Mission Statement

Through recovery orientated interventions, we work in partnership with women, creating opportunities to have greater personal wellbeing for a meaningful and satisfying life.



Catherine House Principles of Practice


A culture of hope and optimism

We believe in the potential of every woman to learn, achieve and succeed. We promote a safe, fun and positive environment for this to be realised.


Recovery Orientated

We provide support and interventions driven by recovery-based principles and practices consistent with the national framework for recovery orientated services.


Person Centred Approach

We warmly receive and work with women where they are at and as they are, valuing and respecting their unique life story and individual experiences.


Trauma-informed care and support

We recognise and understand the impact of trauma on a woman’s life and will work with her to find positive ways to assist healing and recovery.


Assisting women to make informed choices

We assist women to develop skills to become critical, independent thinkers within their personal, cultural, social and political environment. We help them to identify and re-frame oppressive influences that have shaped their self-view.


Opportunities to achieve a meaningful life

We support women to identify what is important to them in life and how they can work towards achieving this.


Welcoming and inclusive of diversity

We acknowledge the diversity of women’s culture and values and will seek to also understand how they personally experience culture. We use this understanding to shape our support to meet the unique needs of all women who use our services.


Supporting and developing our staff

We are committed to providing the resources necessary for ongoing workforce development as well as to maintain a vibrant culture of passionate, reflective practice with motivated and engaged staff who want to make a positive difference in the lives of women and their families.


Social responsibility in our local and global community

We believe we have a responsibility to raise awareness around women’s homelessness and to support local and global organisations with missions and values aligned with our own. We will support the women we work with to develop and use their expert voices in collaboration with us, to raise political and community awareness around women’s issues and the solutions needed.