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Catherine House to provide more client outreach

For many women who have experienced decades of trauma, a short stay with Catherine House can be a life-changing event to help them rediscover themselves and start to rebuild their lives. But it is only a start.  Once a woman has found a house or a unit to call her home, we want to make sure she has the best possible chance of succeeding in rebuilding her life.  Our outreach workers are a key part of making sure that they have all the support they need.


Every day we have staff driving around the suburbs of Adelaide visiting clients, helping to problem solve any issues that have arisen and providing support in their new lives.  Thanks to the Department of Treasury and Finance, we now have a new car to do it in!


On 26 February our CEO Louise Miller Frost and Fundraising Manager Jaylee Cooper attended a lunch organised by DTF’s Women in Treasury and White Ribbon Ambassadors groups, and were presented with a giant key by Under-Treasurer David Reynolds.


Many thanks to all at DTF for thinking of Catherine House for this amazing donation.

Catherine House CEO Louise Miller frost with Under Treasurer David Reynolds