Q. How can I be referred in to the Recovery Program?
A. Referrals to the program can come from a range of state-wide referral options, but are usually from a mental health professional, including care co-ordinators, psychologist and/or social work or nursing staff. You can also be referred from other Catherine House Programs

Q. How much is the rent?
A. Rent is a percentage calculated according to the income received by clients. Rent Assistance is available to recipients of Centrelink benefits. At the residential setting, there is an additional board component to cover food and utility usage. Clients in independent accommodation are responsible for their own food and utilities.

Q. Can residents cook their own meals?
A. Yes, developing cooking skills is part of the recovery process and is encouraged.

Q. Do you provide nursing staff in the Recovery Program?
A. No, there is no nursing care provided.

Q. Is medical care provided for the clients?
A. No. Clients are referred to whomever or whichever medical care professional is required.

Q. How long can I stay?
A. Recovery and rehabilitation varies according to individual needs. In general, clients can stay from between 6 months to 2 years, but arrangements for longer is possible in specific circumstances.

Q. Can family members volunteer and/or participate in the client’s care?
A. Clients are initially encouraged to settle in to the Recovery Program and re-establish their mental health and well-being independent of family members.