Our Heart of Gold community is for you if you love what we do and would like to give a regular monthly gift to support women experiencing homelessness. We have a big vision to help women in South Australia and we would like to invite you to join our community and be part of the change.

Setting up a recurring gift is quick and easy, and every month you feel great knowing you are doing amazing things for the women that we support. For us, having that regular income gives us the confidence to plan and do big things for women in SA who need our help. It’s a win-win!


Your regular gift is an act of kindness and one we are so grateful for. Your donation will help women who find themselves homeless, from providing immediate crisis accommodation to facilitating tailored educational support.

Your donation will support women in what is often the toughest time of their lives.

Read more about our work here.


Our Heart of Gold supporters have a special place in our hearts.  By signing up to be a Heart of Gold supporter, you will receive a Welcome Pack detailing how your support will make a tangible, long lasting difference to women experiencing homelessness.

You will also receive the following:

♥   A tour of Catherine House to see firsthand how your ongoing support is making a difference to women experiencing homelessness

♥    An invitation to the Catherine House Thank You Function at Government House

♥    Regular updates on program outcomes and new initiatives

♥    Your very own Heart of Gold Pen!

But more than all this, the biggest gift you will receive is hearing stories of women who have transformed their lives.  Catherine House is one part of their story, and as a Heart of Gold supporter you will get more opportunities to hear stories from these incredibly brave women.

We would love you to join our community become a Heart of Gold supporter. Together, we can make great impact for South Australian women.

How will your recurring donation help Catherine house?


One of our goals at Catherine House is to end the homelessness for every woman who walks through out doors – for good. When you donate to Catherine House, your charitable gift supports women to have:

A Case Worker, who will provide individual support to women in all aspects of their lives, the initial time they need to recover
from being in crisis

Safe and secure accommodation, inclduing meals and toiletries

Access to other support services to aide in their overall recovery

Education, employment and volunteering opportunities


can i change my monthly donation after i start regular giving?

We understand that your circumstances may change. If you need to change your donations please contact our Fundraisng Team team or log in to your online account.

do i have to donate monthly?

No, in addition to monthly you can select to donate weekly, quarterly or yearly.

are my donations tax deductible?

 Yes, donations $2 and over are tax deductible. You will be provided with a receipt at the end of financial year

i don't want to receive mail from you, do i have to?

As a supporter of Catherine the way we correspond with you is very important to us.

If you would prefer email only, mail only or no correspondence at all, you can provide us with this information and we’ll ensure to contact you as you wish.

i want to join but don't want to sign up online. can i join manually?

Of course!

Download the registration form here and post/scan back to us and we’ll sign you up manually.