COVID-19 and Donations to Catherine House


Due to the coronavirus we have temporarily put a hold on receiving in-kind donations from the public.

We have an incredibly vulnerable client group and their health and safety is our main concern. 

Please continue to check back on our website or contact 08 8232 2282 if you have any questions.



Catherine House relies on the support of the community to ensure we can continue to provide clients with their on-going daily needs.

In addition to this there are items that can be donated to Catherine House as the women transition into their new homes after leaving our service.


Donations of Clothing and Furniture

We are not able to accept donations of clothing and furniture, due to lack of storage.

We do encourage you to donate your items of clothing and other household goods to the Magdalene Centre located at 82 Gilbert Street, Adelaide. they can be contacted on 08 8305 9434.

Magdalene Centre Opening Hours: Monday to Friday 10am – 3pm.

Parking is available off-street.


Furniture Donations- Please visit RuFus or phone 0416 960 424


Donation of Toiletries/Sanitary Items

Catherine House gratefully accepts items of toiletries and sanitary items.

Please note that we only accept full size items of toiletries.  We are not able to accept hotel samples, mini’s or samples. For a list of these items please CLICK HERE

Please note we currently have good supplies of toiletries and have no immediate need for donations.


Donations of Electrical Goods

Due to test and tag regulations we are only able to accept boxed, new electrical items.


Donations of Baby/Children’s Items

Catherine House does not have children residing at our accommodation program and therefore we do not have a need for baby or children clothes, furniture, items or toys.

We suggest donating these items to Treasure BoxesCoolock House, Louise Place or Backpacks for Kids. 


Moving On Pack’s

Catherine House does not exit women to homelessness. This mean that women will only leave Catherine House when they have a safe and secure home. (Unless they chose to leave earlier). When moving in to a new home there are always items that women need to help them make a fresh start.

If you would like to support our women as they transition in to their new home, here are some suggestions of new items that are always so gratefully received:


  • Cleaning Packs which could include: squeegee for windows and glass, microfiber cloth, duster, bin liners, toilet brush and holder, brush and broom.
  • Kitchen Packs which could include: Bucket, mop, dishwashing liquid, scourers, dishcloth and tea towels.
  • Utensil Packs which could include: All basic kitchen utensils.
  • Bedroom Packs which could include: Pillow Protectors, mattress protectors and a set of neutral coloured sheets.
  • Activity Based Items which could include: Calendars, adult colouring books, textas, crayons, colour pencils, writing pads, envelopes, stamps, note pads, movie vouchers.
  • Wellbeing Items which could include: Affirmation cards or books, $10 or $20 gift vouchers for Kmart, Coles, Target, Woolworths, Metro Cards, board games, word search books, inspirational books or DVD’S.
  • Essential Items which could include: umbrellas, gloves, sunscreen, sun hats, sunglasses, pens, thongs, slippers/scuffs, USB, annual diaries, document folders.


Please Note that all donated items must be NEW.

As a general rule if you would not like to receive it yourself please do not donate it.


Please contact us at  if you have any questions.