Right now, thousands of women in South Australia are at risk of becoming homeless. You’ve seen the fallout – the loss of jobs, homes, relationships, friendships, freedom of movement.


The longer this pandemic continues, the more women we expect will come to us for emergency accommodation and support. Women who are at risk of domestic and family violence and are not safe in isolation at home. Women who’ve lost jobs and will struggle to find new work. Single women, married women, older women, younger women. No one is immune from this pandemic, just as none of us is immune from homelessness.


This is why Catherine House is an essential service. The Government is doing its part, but we need to do our part too.

We know many of you are experiencing tough situations in your own work, business and family lives. This is a time of

uncertainty and a time of change. But we also know that some things don’t change.


Like the way you care for people who are vulnerable.

Like the way you choose to help those who need extra support.

Like your generosity even when it’s hard.


We know this because Catherine House has seen it over the years. People like you coming together to make a difference. Thank you.


Our team is working very hard to adapt to these changing times. We are working on how best to support women who are experiencing homelessness in this time. We are moving quickly to respond to the changing demand and to help people like Amy.


Amy came to us after losing her job. Without a job, she couldn’t pay her rent or cover her expenses. After a few weeks of staying on friends’ couches, a place became available at Catherine House.


Her relief to receive that call from Catherine House was palpable. Healthy food, clean bedding, support … safety. Amy is still in our program and has been learning new skills to assist with building her confidence. She has done this with the support of our education and employment officer, Sharon. Like so many of the women who come to Catherine House, Amy never thought she would need the support of a homelessness service.


Today, we need to help women like Amy and others who are seeking our support right now.


Can you help? Your gift, big or small, will be a significant help. We know it’s a lot to ask right now but for our clients, we need to ask.


This is going to be a tough year at Catherine House. We’ve had to cancel or postpone all our fundraising events and we know that to continue support for our clients, we will have to find funding in other ways. At this time, it’s difficult to predict our financial position, but we do know that we will need to rely on our supporters, now more than ever.


If you are not in a position to give, we understand, and appreciate you taking the time to read this.


As always, we’re in this together and together, we can make a difference to women experiencing homelessness across South Australia.


Please make a donation today and find out what your gift of $50, $100 or $200 can do right now. 


Your donation before 30th June will be put straight to work to help women experiencing homelessness. Thank you.


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