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A message from our CEO Louise Miller Frost 


With some sadness, I am writing to tell you that I am leaving Catherine House in March 2020. In my past three years at Catherine House, I have been so privileged to come to know a community that cares, a community that is so generous, and a community that is willing to commit to making a difference to those less fortunate.

I have been so honoured to be the face of a service that strives to help the most disadvantaged in our community in a way that is meaningful and makes a permanent difference to their lives. The commitment of each staff member and volunteer to hearing, seeing and helping each individual woman to recover from the trauma that brought her into homelessness, to rebuild her life and move on from homelessness permanently, is heart-warming.

When I do public speaking engagements, I am often told “you do such good work”, but it isn’t really me who should hear this. It is the staff on the front line, sitting opposite a woman who has walked into our service for the first time, listening on the phone as a woman tells of her trauma, working with a woman to help her make plans for the future, a future she doesn’t really believe she can achieve at first. I am just the person who has the honour to go out in public and talk about the work they do. If you have ever considered working in the not-for-profit sector, I can highly recommend it as a rewarding way to be part of the community that cares and makes a difference; the support I have felt during my time here has been enormous and very heart-warming.

I also want to thank those of you whom I have come to know personally over the past three years, for your support, suggestions, well wishes and your friendship.

Currently, we are only 60% funded by government, which means every year we need to call on our community to provide the additional 40% to ensure we can simply open our doors. We are so grateful that every year, you answer our call and help us to change lives for the women who come through our doors. We truly couldn’t do it without you.

I leave Catherine House in early March, but if I could take this opportunity to leave you with some parting words, it would be this: Your caring makes a real difference in so many ways.

Please don’t change.

While I am leaving, there remains a strong, skilled and dedicated Leadership Team committed to continuing the exemplary services that Catherine House has become known for. Alongside them are an incredible group of staff from front line to admin that ensure our service provision continues seamlessly, no matter what else is changing. Please feel assured that during this transition phase, it will be business as usual at Catherine House.



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