Chief Executive Officer,  Louise Miller Frost


Louise Miller Frost was appointed CEO of Catherine House in April 2017.  She has had a career spanning strategic, corporate and operational leadership across private, NGO, state government and local government sectors, as well as working extensively with federal government, largely in the complex health and social services sector.


“I was attracted to Catherine House because of its extensive history in making real changes in the lives of women affected by homelessness. My career has always been about making a difference in the community.”


Louise has worked in rural and metropolitan areas, and been privileged to work with many specific populations including Aboriginal communities, new arrival refugees, mental health consumers, women’s health and safety, men’s health, homelessness, rehabilitation, youth and ageing populations.


Louise is a Fellow of the Australian Institute of Company Directors. Her board experience includes as Chair of a mid-sized NFP providing a wide range of community services, and various Board roles in health, community services, environmental risk management, economic development and education sectors.


Director- Client Services, Deirdre Flynn


Deirdre is dedicated to, and passionate about, helping women experiencing homelessness deal with and address the issues that have created this episode in their lives. This includes having access to the highest standard of programs and services all designed to assist them move forward in life – in a way that brings them joy, economic independence and a renewed sense of self belief in who they are and what they can achieve in life.


In 2009 she funded her own trip to Nepal and raised funds with Habitat for Humanity to assist several families build a home in a remote village. The “can do” attitude of the local community and the joy shown by people with so little has remained with her as a reminder that attitude to life and access to opportunities is so important.


In 2011 and 2013 she ran, as a complete novice, in the New York and Paris Marathons to raise funds for the Catherine House.  She did this to ensure she could walk the talk – that through self-belief, being task focussed and a lot of hard work, dreams and goals can be achieved. In late 2016 after months of self -doubt, she completed two marathons, only weeks apart, to remind herself of how hard it is making a commitment to a long haul goal and seeing it through. Yet with effort it can be done and this is what clients that come to Catherine House are trying to do. Having a strong awareness of how hard change is for any of us, helps her when she speaks with women about the value of perseverance and the feeling one has when they have accomplished something they have worked hard for.


Her studies in sociology and psychology obtained through an Arts Degree and her Post graduate Social work degree provided the interest she has today in supporting people experiencing disadvantage.


Director- Organisational Services, Anne Nixon


Anne Nixon brings to her role many years of experience managing services, projects, programs and people and in the development and implementation of community and health service delivery, as well as in tertiary education and research, in several countries.


Anne brings an international perspective to her work, with a social justice underpinning. She is experienced in clinical service delivery, strategic planning, policy development, governance and finance management. She has worked in women’s and reproductive health, Aboriginal health, primary health and mental health and is a Graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors.


Anne has a passion for leadership, as a Fellow of the Governor’s Leadership Foundation Program and a Director of the Leaders Institute of South Australia from 2013 – 2017.


She enjoys strengthening the systems and processes that enable not for profit organisations to achieve their aims and mission and finds putting these skills to work at Catherine House very rewarding.

Manager- Fundraising and Events, Jaylee Cooper


Jaylee has a passion for working within not for profit organisations and has a strong desire to make a difference in the community.


Her career commenced in the corporate sector but she soon realised her skill set was best placed to working within not for profit organisations.


Jaylee’s experience has been varied, focusing on fundraising and event management, corporate partnerships, marketing and PR, social media management and community engagement.


Having worked in both small and large not for profit organisations she knows the many challenges they face and strives to ensure funds raised result in service provision and outcomes for clients. Jaylee prides herself on ensuring fundraising is always transparent.


Jaylee believes strongly in the vision of Catherine House as feels incredibly fortunate in making a difference to the lives of women experiencing homelessness.

Manager- NHHA Program, Anna Gleave


Anna came to Catherine House in 2006, initially as an evening shift worker.  Having worked across programs as a case worker and coordinator, she took up the manager position in 2015. Anna has a BA (Prof Writing) and a previous background in retail/marketing/PR.


After a career change, she worked extensively in youth settings, within residential care and as a group facilitator for young people under the Guardianship of the Minister.  Anna has an Advanced Diploma in Community Sector Management, and believes passionately in helping women heal from trauma.


Anna is very aware that the young people she has previously worked with have often ended up within the adult homelessness system, and it is this cycle of unresolved trauma and issues relating to poor self-esteem that drives her.  Everyone deserves a life where they are encouraged to reach their full potential, and to facilitate those opportunities for our clients fits within the values she holds.