Who We Are


Catherine House provides accommodation
and support services for women experiencing homelessness
in South Australia.




our mission

Through a recovery oriented focus, women are offered a safe, supportive environment with opportunities to achieve improved personal and economic wellbeing.


Catherine House Inc founded in 1988, by the Sisters of Mercy to address an unmet need for women experiencing homelessness in Adelaide.

Supported by the South Australian Housing Trust and the Adelaide City Council, Catherine House opened with just 12 rooms.

In the subsequent years the organisation has grown and refined its model, and is now recognised as South Australia’s only recovery based service for women experiencing homelessness.

Catherine House can now accommodates up to 59 women.



Providing women with a safe, supportive environment to recover from homelessness and the issues they are dealing with is vital to their recovery and overall wellbeing. Our mental health programs offer women an opportunity to receive a range of individual support services.

Our education services develop not only practical skills such as literacy, numeracy and job seeking, but also self-development and training courses that helps women who have experienced trauma to rediscover their voice, learn to make good decisions for themselves, and make plans for their future.


Catherine House is responsive to the needs of our diverse community and provides all clients with a welcoming, inclusive environment. We aim to provide services that are free from bias, discrimination and avoids stereotyping and mistaken assumptions about people on the basis of their sex, marital status, pregnancy or potential pregnancy, breast feeding, sexual orientation, gender history, health status, race, nationality, colour or ethnic origin, age, religious or political conviction, impairment or disability and family responsibility or family status.

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Our Logo

The Catherine House Logo is a woman standing tall, her legs elongated to give the impression of inner strength and resilience.

She is holding her arms in celebration of taking control and giving herself shelter in a difficult time.

Her legs are different lengths to emphasise movement – she is moving forward, she is progressing positively with her life.

Catherine House Courtyard