It’s the little the big and everything in between

It’s the little, the big and everything in between…………

When we think of all the things that make a house feel like a home, or that bring a smile to those that live within, so many things come to mind. For the 16 women that live in our emergency house, they have all the wants and desires of you and I, plus many more urgent needs, so it is a big job, ensuring all runs smoothly.

So when we receive calls from members of the community offering a gift, it is always exciting and it affirms the value of every woman staying with us. Some recent acts of generosity include; the arrival of Amanda Johnson Scotch College Adelaide with 20 containers of soup, apple crumble and lasagne; all made under strict food handling criteria as one of the student electives.

Leah Steel, who inspired her fellow students at Elizabeth TAFE to do a bake sale to raise money for us. Wanting to add her own personal touch she put together 4 large gift bags, paid for out of her own money- adding, “ I would love to have been able to buy more ”.

Or the buzz created, when Chris Sutton rang from Toyota Australia with 20 tickets to a Crows match. Max Paxton and his supporters from The Southern Seekers who went all out, even making jellies and raffle prizes-raising, $1002 from their Wonder Woman film night.

And to all that responded to our June Fundraising Campaign, a huge thank you, as it takes a lot of care, support and money to keep our houses- “the women’s home for a time”, running.

To be able to provide gifts and treats every now and then, can turn a bad day into a good one, simply because women with us, know others care about their situation. Deirdre

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