Another girl power feel good power

Another girl power, feel good story!

We knew we were receiving a donation of Easter Eggs from St Aloysius College, Adelaide, but we had no idea the year 10 School Representative Council had taken on the task of the collection.

When I opened the door on Thursday, across the road and on both sides of the street were girls laden down with baskets of Easter Eggs, there were over 200 large bunny eggs alone and hundreds of other goodies!

The girls had put posters up all over the school and really canvassed the message of ‘better to give than to receive’. With far more than we needed I was able to share them with Common Ground Adelaide and the Hutt St Centre.

So girls, your efforts will be felt by many women, men and children on Easter Sunday, as they experience the St Aloysius community’s commitment to justice in action.

Love your work girls! you show how easily gestures of goodwill and kindness can be part of our everyday lives. Deirdre

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