Christmas Day

On Christmas Day I was given the blessed opportunity to not only join other clients of Catherine House, but to help set up and decorate for the special day ahead. A year ago at Christmas, I was a client myself at Catherine House. I was lost, desperate and full of fear of the future ahead. I joined in the festivities last year and was given so much love, support, inspiration and showered with gifts, simple things that I needed like toothpaste and deodorant.

It was the small things that meant big things at the time, that have helped shape my fulfilling life today. Twelve months later, I am able to show that abundant love to women who may have otherwise been alone or in unfavourable situations this Christmas.

I was so thankful to give back, and share my festive season with such resilient and courageous woman. Thank you Catherine House, and to the workers who sacrificed their Christmas to help us all take that next step on this journey we call life.



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